Manager to Mentor

A live masterclass in the metaverse

March 5th at 8 PM EST

What do managers need to do to onboard and ensure

that new hires become high performers? Given today’s real need to retain salespeople, managers must face the fact that they not only matter but are desperately needed to be great mentors.

Many managers confuse managing with mentoring a new (or existing) salesperson.
Join live on March 5th at 8 PM EST.

March 5th at 8 PM EST

level set your mentor and mentee agreement

March 5th at 8 pm EST

Manager to mentor

  • The Cost of Losing a Salesperson
  • Setting Expectations Upfront
  • Creating a Manager-Mentor agreement (contract)
  • Designing an onboarding cadence
  • Collaborating on setting milestones and metrics
  • Soft skills needed to mentor
  • Building a 90-Day blueprint to
    accelerate their 'Speed-to-Money'

March 5 th

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