10 Commonly asked Questions

01 What is Sales World.mv?

A sales conference in the metaverse (.mv) for salespeople, entrepreneurs and sales leaders.

02 How much does it cost?

You can access Sales World for free 24/7/365. It's always open, allowing everyone around the globe to participate with equal access.

03 Who is speaking at Sales World?

We have over 20 experts, practitioners, and trainers speaking on different topics on sales, leadership, marketing and motivation.

04 What are the tech requirements?

Good news: you won't need any specialized or fancy VR equipment. Just a laptop/ desktop with the Google Chrome Browser.
• PC or MAC: 4 years or newer
• OS: Windows 10, 64 bit (PC), OS Mojave, (MAC) • Processor: Core i3, 2.4 GHz and RAM: 4 Gb

05 How do I watch a speaker?

Simply approach the booth or room and the video will automatically start playing. Video length ranges from 5 -50 minutes.

06 Can I really chat with other avatars?

Yup! Just approach another avatar and Request Video/ Text Chat. Keep it professional and don't do anything weird.

07 How will you use my personal info?

You can see the full policy here. The TLDR; is SalesWorld, it's owners and our vendors/sponsors will use your email and name for promotional/ marketing campaigns. We DO NOT use your personal conversations/profile pictures/video in any way.

08 Can I sponsor Sales World?

Yes, you can sponsor a booth, room, or Teleport location for 3,6, 12 month contracts. Fill out the application here.

09 Who do I talk to for help?

There's a help inside SalesWorld for technical problems hosted by AllSeated. For other inquiries, contact camille@sellingergroup.com

10  Who owns Sales World?

Author, speaker and sales trainer Victor Antonio.